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Shatner's Bassoon

Steeped in malfunctioning improvisation, passive-aggressive minimalism, surreal avant-punk and free jazz trances, Leeds quintet Shatner’s Bassoon sound like little else. Since their formation in 2010, the experimental outfit’s intense maelstrom of beguiling yet disturbing noise has earned the group a reputation as a must-see live act.
Each member has a wide and disparate influence and approach to making music which all filters into the bands overall sound of evasive song structures, angular rhythms and anxiety inducing psychedelia.

Shatner’s Bassoon’s aberrant amalgamation of styles, create an unforgettable spectacle, which has previously taken them to festivals such as North Atlantic Flux Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Manchester Jazz Festival, Lancaster Jazz Festival and Beacons Festival. Similarly, the band have toured extensively around the UK, previously playing alongside the likes of Melt Yourself Down, Matthew Bourne, Roller Trio, and more, whilst captivating audiences as if by hypnosis at every outing.

Johnny Richards : Keyboards

Ollie Dover : Saxophones/Clarinet

Craig Scott : Guitar

Michael Bardon : Bass

Joost Henrickx : Drums

Shatner’s Bassoon are “wistfully romantic . . . sounds like a monkey eating cornflakes" (The Guardian). "Shatner’s Bassoon are … being silly … intricate … be proud." (Tinderbox Festival). "the opening … is (unusually) no exaggeration" (London Jazz News) “…which continues to unsettle the listener” (Jazz Yorkshire) “…a group of musicians deconstructing composition and improvisation and developing a sound which is entirely of its moment and its surroundings.” (Jazz Yorkshire) Shatner’s Bassoon are “…remarkably beautiful … Physical[ly] … an incredible sight" (Gail Brand, BBC Jazz on 3) “… for the passive listener” (Jazz Yorkshire). Watch out for … Craig Scott … during moments of fun.” (BBC Jazz on 3) “The effect … is one of unease and perplexity.” (Jazz Yorkshire)“Prepare to have your perceptions mangled” (Jazzwize)

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