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May 2019

for Automated Circuit bent Reel to Reel Tape machine

'By presenting disregarded, malfunctioning devices as music, ‘exploiting the inherent instability of old playback technologies with the precision and control that digital automation affords’ Scott is delivering a low-key allegory about our world of never-ending technological progress, our obsession with getting as close to full automation as we can – and the mindless disposal of old hardware that does that little bit less.'

The source audio for this work was chosen as it represents an attitude of real world practicality over artistic expression that was very present during my upbringing in the North-East of Scotland.


June 2019

Improvised human/machine duets on a single instrument

A Prototype for a new series of semi-autonomous acoustic instruments designed to be played simultaneously by humans and machines.

Whilst reflecting our adaptation to our increasingly automated physical environment, I intend for this project to also prise open new approaches to composition and improvisation by re-contextualising familiar instruments.


March 2019

Guitar with surface mount speaker attached, 4 guitar amps & Midi controlled mains power relays.

As a professional performing guitarist this work is a reflection on how digital technology has transformed the role of the instrumental performer in modern music making. 

The thumps of the guitar amps being turned on and off create a cyclical rhythm while the guitar adds harmonic and melodic accompaniment as it sits on the threshold of feedback and self oscillation between the 4 output sources. The result is an exposition of the dualism of the strict repetition of digital automation and unpredictable acoustic feedback loop.



March 2019

Solenoids mounted to my fathers dismembered Drum Kit spread across the Sofa where he lay for the last 3 months of his life.

My father was a drummer and was my initial inspiration for becoming a musician. After spending months aiding his passing this piece is a reflection on the point at which he was almost immobile, his physical body had began to shut down and he was unable to communicate other than movement of one arm and one foot.

We spent a day listening his favourite music(and my earliest musical influences) together, he was able to express perfect time, feel and memory of all arrangements even at this point where he was unable to communicate in any other manner.

The title is taken from the last piece of advice he gave me continuing in life.


Craig Scott hairyface cutout upsideSMALL
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